What Makes Us Special

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Founder & CEO

Keith Dragon

Keith is a Senior Executive with over 18 years of experience as a CEO for a small niche business. He has had annual success with building a company from the ground-up while achieving revenue growth, profit, along side of recruiting and staff development with talented individuals.

His experience includes a focus on technical industries including software development and wireless telecommunications. Part of Keith’s responsibilities and goals are to develop long term business relationships with upper-level decision makers, while maintaining a keen eye on identifying critical business issues. He prides himself with having the ability to create a positive culture within an entire organization while focusing on delivering key customer commitments.

Keith founded Dragon Consulting in 1998 in Waterbury Center, VT to help travel companies manage data. He has been a long time resident of Colorado moving to Boulder in 1999. In 2013, Dragon Consulting was re-branded as DragonDev.

In 2016, Keith sold portions of DragonDev and started The Dragon Company, LLC to bring his expertise and knowledge to companies as a consultant. Keith has currently worked on projects with B&J Surveying,T-Mobile, Branch Communications and Colorado State Fire Chiefs.

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CEC - Chief Executive Canine

Dora Dragon

Dora is originally a rescue pup from Gallup, NM. When Dora is not working hard at The Dragon Company she is often a little monster creating joy in the lives of everyone around her.

She best resembles a Kishu Ken, a noble Japanese dog that has been bred over thousands of years. Dora is affectionate, respectful and loyal to all she loves. Dora loves to keep her eye on whatever is going on at The Dragon Company. She often will position herself in the office in such a manner to be able to see everything that is going on.

She is often seen with Keith hiking in the Mountains of Colorado and enjoys her doggie daycare friends. Dora can be quite opinionated, strong willed and often acts as the office security guard. She is weary of anyone wearing uniforms or delivering packages and will speak out with a “woof!” or two to let folks know she’s watching!

Dora is an important part of what happens at The Dragon Company by always being willing to share unconditional love.