Project Evolution

Our vision is to serve as a trusted resource for our clients and to help them achieve sustainable growth by optimizing internal processes with our services and products. The Dragon Company works with each individual client to define areas where improvement can be made through technology including such things as; software solutions, business intelligence, process and workflow efficiency.

We put a premium on trust, understanding and commitment, because we recognize these principles underpin productive relationships. We work with you to ensure we’re in step with your expectations at every stage of the project. What's more, our goal is to enable you to be as self sufficient as possible, as soon as possible. We serve as trusted, long-term partners, and our unrelenting commitment provides unparalleled peace of mind.


At The Dragon Company we're committed to listening to our clients’ needs and providing software consulting and project management through our knowledge of a variety of technological stacks. We don't let technology drive our approach; we focus on solutions, and then propose options for a clear and concise process through the use a variety of technologies and techniques to get us there.


The Dragon Company will work with to identify the business problems and desired solutions. During this time, The Dragon Company outlines the project and creates a scope.

Common Activities:

  • Rapid Prototyping Session
  • Draft Scope of Work (SOW
  • User Stories Created
  • Initial Low Definition Mockups Created
  • Initial Estimates for Level of Effort Defined & Created

Typical Outcomes:

  • Create Business Requirements
  • Identify User Stories
  • Estimates Based Upon User Stories

Set Up

During the Set Up we work with our clients to research viable solutions to their business problems to achieve the desired solutions. During this time, we research available tools, such as software, methodologies, and build strategic plans for the best possible solutions to optimize your business.

Common Activities:

  • Process Discovery
  • Research
  • Build Methodologies

Typical Outcomes:

  • Create Initial Process and Strategic Plans
  • Create a Refined Scope of Work (SOW)
  • Estimates for Level of Effort Are Refined


Time dedicated for creating such things as processes, code, design, database creation, system installation, framework installation, etc.

The Dragon Company uses the Agile Scrum Methodology when working on solutions. By adopting Agile Scrum we commit to completing specific milestones within each two (2) week sprint. Adopting this methodology will allow a team to complete sizable tasks while moving the project forward, as well as allow our clients to review work to ensure the product we are providing is according to a SOW.

Typical Outcomes:

  • Sprint Completions
  • Design
  • Code Development
  • Initial Draft Product
  • Change / New Request Management


This is the period for testing, quality assurance, meeting functional requirements and ensuring product usability.

Common Activities:

  • Quality Review
  • Business Requirement Review
  • Process Review

Typical Outcomes:

  • Real World Use of Product
  • Continued Testing


This is the period upkeep of the product. This includes on-going customer support, product updates; product upgrades and change requests to the Version created.

Typical Outcomes:

  • Long Term Relationship
  • Updates
  • Upgrades
  • Change Management

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